Scarface is a massive Giganotosaurus that fought in the first fight of the ages, he came in 3rd place. His story was written by Hiphopananomus. (He is NOT to be confused with Scarface from the FIght to Survive by Rex Fan 684.)


Physical DescriptionEdit

Scarface has over 50 scars scateredd around his body, 12 of which are on his face giving him his name.

Scarface is massive he ways almost 9 and a half tons, hess 50 feet long and 22 feet tall!


He has had a very brutal life, his mother was killed when he was about 4 years old, his brother named Scolder exiled him from his pack, leaving him to survive on his own and then had to kill Scolder!

Since then he he has started a new life, he now has a family.

Fight of the AgesEdit

Scarface so far has participated once in a F of A. It was the First Series. He won 3rd place, and was killed by Rexy. It is unknown whether Scarface will return again to participate in the F of A.

Did You Know?Edit

A Tyrannosaurus named Scarface appeared in the story series The Fight To Survive, also on the Jurassic World Forums, as a major villain? It is important not to confuse the two.